At the International Journal of Social Science, Management and Economics Research (ISSMER), we are committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and ethical publishing practices. We expect all authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers to adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by international organizations, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

We take our responsibility to ensure the integrity and quality of the research published in our journal seriously. We have established the following ethical guidelines for authors:

  1. Originality and plagiarism: Authors must ensure that their work is original and has not been published elsewhere or submitted for publication elsewhere. All sources used in the research must be properly cited and credited. Plagiarism in any form, including self-plagiarism, is unacceptable.
  2. Authorship: All individuals who have made significant contributions to the research must be listed as authors. Other individuals who have contributed to the research must be acknowledged in the acknowledgments section.
  3. Data accuracy and integrity: Authors must ensure that their research is based on accurate and reliable data. Data must be properly collected, analyzed, and interpreted. Any errors or inaccuracies must be corrected in a timely manner.
  4. Conflict of interest: Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may influence the research findings or the interpretation of the data.
  5. Human and animal subjects: Authors must comply with ethical guidelines when conducting research involving human or animal subjects. Research involving human or animal subjects must be approved by an appropriate ethical review board.

We also have established ethical guidelines for reviewers, editors, and publishers, which include confidentiality, objectivity, and fairness.

We take allegations of ethical misconduct seriously and will investigate any such allegations thoroughly. If we determine that ethical misconduct has occurred, we will take appropriate action, which may include retracting the published article.