Neuromarketing: Integrated Marketing Communication Recent Tool

Fikeralem Toma
Department of Marketing Management, College of Business & Economics, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia,

Fisseha Dejene Yadete
Department of Marketing Management, College of Business & Economics, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia,
Shashi Kant
Department of Management, College of Business & Economics, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia



An increasing amount of research is being done on how customers’ brain responses impact their decision-making since it is crucial to understand why consumers choose one product over another in the current market. Customers’ decisions are influenced by neuromarketing and its implicit and automatic processes, which also reveal any covert understanding of consumer behavior. While positioning itself as one of the primary areas of study aimed at achieving this goal, neuromarketing is still a relatively new and fast developing field. The purpose of the study was to investigate how advertising affects customers’ online purchase decisions. Another objective is to investigate how consumers’ gaze patterns, fixation rates, heat maps, and feelings are affected by stimuli or marketing initiatives. The stimulus is provided by the consumer, and the advertising campaign measures the response. The most recent studies’ systematic literature review was employed by the authors. With the aid of PRISMA, the scanned literature was included and excluded. Authors used the Forest Plot based on partial correlation to examine the effect size of the literature they had used. SLR’s publication bias was examined using a funnel plot. To bolster the strength of the evaluated literature, content analysis was done.

Keywords: Neuromarketing, Automatic Processes, PRISMA, Forest and Funnel Plot.


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