Relationship Determination of Entrepreneurial Orientation practice, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction with Business Performance: A case of CBE Bule Hora Town Ethiopia

Gada Gizachew Wakjira
Research Scholar (Ph.D.), Bule Hora University, Marketing Management Department, Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Horn Africa, May 2023, Ethiopia.
ORCID- 000-0002-7725-1161



The aim of this study has aimed depending the influencing factor of direct effects of EO with BP with mediating influence of Employee and Customer Satisfaction, and how Business organization bank CBE, Ethiopia (EO) influences BP of Commercial Banks of Ethiopia, using the Explanatory Inferential, Model Summery, Analyses of Variance Coefficient of Regression influence to test hypotheses test. In this study, factor that affects Entrepreneurial Orientation on Business performance as a mediating effect variable Employee satisfaction of Customers Satisfaction was considered with 384 unknown respondents, and the results show positively effects Entrepreneurial Orientation with Business performance, Employee Satisfaction with Business performance, Customers Satisfaction with Business Performance, Entrepreneurial Orientation with Employee Satisfaction, and Entrepreneurial Orientation with Customers Satisfaction positive relationship with business performance, and the study provides both independent, Dependent and Mediating Variables has significantly positive influence in CBE, Ethiopia.

Keywords: Business Performance, Entrepreneurial Orientation, employee Satisfaction, customer satisfaction and CBE.


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