Assessments of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) of Internal Marketing Practice with Sustainable Marketing Performance: The Case of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in Ethiopia

Gada Gizachew Wakjira

PhD Candidate in Bule Hora University, Marketing Management Department, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia.


Mohammed Isak Ibrahim
MBA, in Bule Hora University, Management Department, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia.



Internal Marketing Practice is the process to promote the company objectives, and the employee with in organizations for the purpose of increase employee engagement of the company goals, and foster the brand image of SMEs, the aim of this study that has to be provides, a conceptual linear Regression Model that introduction to analyses a Confirmatory Factor Analyses (CFA) of Internal Marketing practice on Sustainable  Marketing Performance: A case of SMEs Ethiopia, and to discuss the concepts of Multiple grouped Confirmatory factor data analysis, to construct Composite Reliability, Convergent Validity and to Confirm (SEM) Structural Equation Modeling practice Maintain Regression Weights be a Direct influence, and the indexed of mediation result to be providing based on our perspective on certain analysis, and the overall the mediating variable data analysis to be interpreting the Regression group Weights analyses in a model that includes, an Internal Marketing practice like Visionary practice, Developmental practice and Rewarded Practice that affect Marketing Performance that affect IM and to analyses Assess Regress weight, Correlation, and  Model fit indexed to  investigate with SPSS model V.22 that uses data from the Internal Marketing practice to analyse it’s effect with Sustainable Marketing Performance to respond by using 320 sample respondents in Small and medium Enterprise, (SMEs), in Ethiopia.

Keywords: Visionary, Developmental, Awarded, SMEs and Sustainable Marketing Performance.


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